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USA guitarist Todd Clouser and Mexican pianist Alex Mercado, two of the most prominent artists in Mexico City's creative music scene, join forces to offer "Cinema", a collection of "music for unrealized films"; recorded as a duo

in a live session. Mercado, recognized as a virtuoso jazz pianist, plays subtly here, providing the context for Clouser's melodies. "Wake The Boy"; and "An Ever While"; are equal parts melancholy and Music Americana, while other pieces have touches of jazz and ambient music, both showcasing their instrumental ability for creating cinematic music.


Note: The concert is interactive, with the artists and other viewers. To use our live chat feature during concert, you must create a user account within our page, or, if you already have one, log in at the top right of the screen.


This concert belongs to a series of concerts that benefit our new initiative called PitayoCares MX Fund, a small fund made by Pitayo Music and El Zorro Supper Club CDMX to provide a critical assistance safety net for Pitayo Music staff and their network of 23 musicians in this time of need for COVID-19. The Fund's resources cover the musicians' emergency expenses, (e.g., medical and rent payment), and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality.


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Sponsored by: Pitayo Music

El Zorro Supper Club CDMX.

Ciudad de México - Chimalistac

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